The process is fairly uncomplicated and cost effective.

The horses have to stand resident for 60 days in the country of origin before departure. Included in those 60 days is a 30-day pre-export isolation which is completed at a variety of state approved private quarantine facilities. During this time the horses are blood tested and swabbed for various diseases including Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA), Dourine, Equine Infectious Anemia, Equine Influenza and Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM), depending on the origin of the horse.

If the results are within acceptable pre-determined parameters, they are shipped by scheduled or chartered flight to South Africa – Johannesburg Kempton Park, or Cape Town Montague Gardens. These are government quarantine facilities where the horses stand an additional 30 days, and the above blood tests and swabs are repeated.

As post arrival quarantine is an all-in all-out system, there are only shipments of horses into Johannesburg approximately every 6 weeks. Cape Town has an average of 3 shipments a year. The limited number of shipments are due to these imports being restricted to chartered aircraft (there are no scheduled flights to Cape Town that can accommodate horses) which means there is a dependency on the number of horses imported to keep the cost economical.

Hobday Equestrian Enterprises provides a door-to-door service. All documentation, permits and logistics are arranged on your behalf.

These are the proposed import dates SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION for 2018 into Johannesburg.

Intake 4

7th to 11th June – intake 5 days
12th June to 11th July – quarantine 30 days
12th July to 25th July – clean-up 10 working days

1st May 2018 – APPLICATIONS IN FOR INTAKE 4 (6 weeks prior to start)

Intake 5

26th July to 30th July – intake 5 days
31st July to 29th August – quarantine 30 days
30th August to 12th September –clean-up 10 working days

19th JUNE 2018 – APPLICATIONS IN FOR INTAKE 5 (6 weeks prior to start)

Intake 6

13th September to 17th September – intake 5 days
18th September to 17th October – quarantine 30 days
18th October to 31st October – Clean-up 10 working days

7th AUGUST 2018 – APPLICATIONS IN FOR INTAKE 6 (6 weeks prior to start)

Intake 7

1st November to 5th November – Intake 5 days

6th November to 5th December – Quarantine 30 days

6th December to Jan 2017 – Clean up

25th SEPTEMBER 2018 – APPLICATIONS IN FOR INTAKE 7 (6 weeks prior to start)




Photos of Previous Imports We Have Attended to