Will EU Audit Proceed due to COVID-19?

Will EU Audit Proceed due to COVID-19?

18/03/2020, by Candice Hobday, in Latest News, 0 comments

This was one hurdle we didn’t foresee

With travel restrictions imposed (due to COVID-19) by the state of emergency announced on Sunday evening, it is likely that this date could well now be postponed.

Officials from the EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO), the entity responsible for conducting audits, were expected here next month but the travel ban will be imposed from tomorrow (Wednesday) on foreign citizens who come from Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and China.

Will EU Audit Proceed due to COVID-19?

The long-awaited European Union (EU) audit for the South African Bloodstock Industry is scheduled for between 20 April and 1 May 2020, however, due to COVID-19 it could be postponed.

South Africans have been advised to refrain from all forms of travel to or through the European Union, the US, UK, and other high-risk areas.

If the audit adheres to schedule, the SAEHP expected to receive a report in mid-May, to which it would respond, followed by a three-week consultation period with the EU and further meetings with various EU committees, before getting the hoped-for go-ahead by November.

Disclaimer: This article originally appeared on the Sporting Post website published on 16 March 2020. We do not claim any copyright or ownership of this article. We’re merely republishing it for interest’s sake.

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